Sending/receiving ints over ZeroMQ

I often send an integer as a socket message. It is not a problem to convert them to and fro a std::string, still it makes the resulting code a bit confusing, so I decided to add a send() overload and a new recvAsInt() function to my zmq::Socket class.

This is the new send() function:
bool send(int value, int flags =0)
    zmq::message_t msg(sizeof(int));
    memcpy(, &value, sizeof(int));
    return socket_t::send(msg, flags);
A new specialized function to receive a message and format it as an int:
int recvAsInt(int flags =0)
    zmq::message_t message;
    if(!socket_t::recv(&message, flags))
        throw error_t();

    return *(static_cast<int*>(;
Even the mild EAGAIN error leads to an exception. Admittedly, this is not good.

Here is how to use this functions:
// ...

// ...
int value = skReply.recvAsInt();
We can also have a multipart message containing ints:
skRequest.send(42, ZMQ_SNDMORE);

//    ...

int val1 = skReply.recvAsInt(ZMQ_RCVMORE);
int val2 = skReply.recvAsInt();
There is no type check on the data, so we can write weird code like this:
// ...

// ...
int value = skReply.recvAsInt();
That runs fine, but probably gives a surprising result to the user.

The zmq::Socket new version is on github.

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