A couple of puzzling messages

I am doing some housekeeping in This Thread, that and the end of the job should result being more focused on C++ development.

Large part of the job was about reviewing old post and move them to Biting Code, my new blog where I am storing all the Java related stuff. But finally today I added the first couple of brand new posts, both of them are about error messages I got working with Eclipse.

Expecting a stackmap frame is dedicated to an obscure error that leads to an error message saying "Expecting a stackmap frame at branch target ... in method ...".

JDK is required for JSP is about another perplexing error, that ends up showing the message "Errors exist in required project".

I got both issues working with the Google App Engine plugin. And in both case the solution was simply ensure that the JRE used by the application was actually a JDK.

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