Reading about ZeroMQ

I have just got this book, ZeroMQ - Use ZeroMQ and learn how to apply different message patterns, written by Faruk Akgul for Packt Publishing, and I about to read it. Some more substantial feedback in the near future.

It is a bit under my level, since it is thought for C developers at their first experience with ZeroMQ, but it is a while I don't actually work with this fine framework, and I felt it would be nice to have a refresh of the basic concepts starting from a different perspective.

Browsing the index, you could see how the book is structured to provide an introduction to ZeroMQ, letting you know how to write a simple C client-server application, describing how it works. Chapter two is mainly dedicated to a couple of messaging patterns, pub-sub and pipeline, and there is also a section dedicated to Valgrind, and how to use it to detect memory leaks on 0MQ. Chapter three gives more details on what a ZeroMQ socket is, and how to use it. In its second part, an introduction to CZMQ, the high(er) level C wrapper to the standard ZeroMQ library, is given. Chapter four delves a bit more on some more advanced topics.

The code in the book has been written for ZMQ version 3.2, and CZMQ 1.3.1; for what I have seen, the building instruction are provided only for the GCC compiler (version 4.7.2 is cited, I quite confident the newest 4.8 would be alright).

On Windows, Visual C++ is the suggested compiler. I couldn't see any detail on how to set MSVC for ZeroMQ in the book, still I could assure you that it is very easy to build a ZMQ solution in that environment too. If you need an hint, have a look at this ancient post of mine, that should be still valid.

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