Creating an executable JAR with Maven

I have a very simple mavenized Java project that results in a JAR, both in its "slim" and "fat" flavor. Here I want to make the result executable and, along the way, get rid of the "slim" one. The expected result is a JAR file that I could run like this
java -jar myApp.jar
To to that, I have to provide a manifest in the JAR, pointing out to the class that should be run. This is a task that is easily done with Maven. It is enough to to add an "archive" element to the maven-assembly-plugin in the build section of the project POM.
Let's say that I have no use anymore for the "slim" JAR, and I don't want Maven to generate it anymore. I can get this effect disabling the execution for the relevant plugin, maven-jar, setting its phase to nothing.
			<phase />
Now, running the usual maven command, I should get the expected behavior.
mvn clean package
Full code is on GitHub, here is the POM file.

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