Qt vs. Comodo

Qt and Comodo don't get along together smoothly. Not a big surprise after all, since one strive to have control of the machine, and the other would like to stop anyone to do anything that looks even just a bit suspicious to it.

I have got a lot of complaining from Comodo while installing the new Qt SDK 1.1 (still a Release Candidate, currently) but nothing terrible.

The real issue came up when I tried to debug a little silly application of mine: I couldn't even reach the main(), and I got was a segmentation fault instead.

After a while of messing around, I got the feeling that it could be caused by a conflict at system level with some other smart guy on my machine. Comodo was the first suspect, and luckily it was also the culprit. Instead of getting in the dirty details, I'll pass you a link to a discussion in the Comodo forum, GDB problem solved!, where you could find a solution, and probably ask for more info, if you need them.

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