Divide and conquer by ØMQ push/pull

The example to show how to use the push/pull pattern in ØMQ is a tad more complex than the ones we have seen for the request/reply and publisher/subscriber ones.

We are about to create a simple implementation of nothing less than the parallel processing model based on a ventilator, many workers, and a sink.

The ventilator splits the (supposedly huge) problem in a number of tiny tasks that can be executed in parallel. Each worker processes any task that receives from the ventilator. The sink collects the results from the workers and produces the final output.

Ventilator and workers are connected by push/pull sockets, where the ventilator pushes and the workers pull. Same for the connection between workers and sink, but in this case the sink plays the pull role, while the workers are pushing.

We have exactly one ventilator and one sink, but we can have a variable number of workers.

Not considering the details specific to the current problem, we'll see that there is not a big difference between a ventilator and the publisher, besides the underlying socket type, here ZMQ_PUSH. More interesting the structure of worker component, that is going to use to sockets, one to connect to the ventilator, here it is playing the ZMQ_PULL role, and one to the sink, as ZMQ_PUSH. Last but not least, the sink, that is connected to each available workers through a ZMQ_PULL socket.

I have jotted down these lines while reading the official Z-Guide.

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