Pub-Sub with ØMQ

With ØMQ we can easily implements different messaging patterns. We have already seen how to build a client/server system for the request/reply pattern. Now we tackle the publish/subscribe pattern.

When we use the request/reply pattern, the server hangs on, waiting for a client request. When a message from the client arrives, the server provides a reply, and then it patiently waits for the next request.

In the publish/subscribe pattern there is no such a strong coupling. The server freely publishes its messages, and any client that it is interested in such source should subscribe to receive them. Usually the client is not interested in all the messages the server publish, and to get just what it really wants to get, it applies a filter on the traffic.

In the next couple of posts we are going to see a simple implementation of this pattern, but let me give you a spoiler: do not expect big changes.

The server creates a ZMQ_PUB socket, telling ØMQ that it wants to play the publisher role, and then it will send messages accordingly to the required logic.

The client creates a ZMQ_SUB socket, since it wants to be a subscriber, and - here is a substantial change - specifies which filters should be applied to the traffic coming from the publisher. Then is just a matter of receiving messages.

You can find more information in the official Z-Guide. I am currently reading it, and I find it fun and useful.

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