Sending and receiving a single byte

After the major change of using deque as container for multipart messages, I have done a minor change in my zmq::Socket class, that extends the standard ZeroMQ C++ wrapper provided with version 2 of the package.

I was reading the Paranoid Pirate Protocol when I saw that it expects the ready and heartbeat commands to be sent as single bytes. So I decided to add a couple of methods in my class to explicitly manage this case. It is not a strict necessity, but they surely make the code more readable.

Here are the two new methods:
bool send(uint8_t value, int flags =0) // 1
    zmq::message_t msg(sizeof(uint8_t));
    memcpy(, &value, sizeof(uint8_t));
    return socket_t::send(msg, flags);

uint8_t recvAsByte(int flags =0)
    zmq::message_t message;
    if(!socket_t::recv(&message, flags))
        throw error_t();

    return *(static_cast<uint8_t*>(;
uint8_t is defined in stdint.h as unsigned char, assuming in your environment byte has 8 bits, as almost everywhere happens. Using this typedef should make clearer that we are interested in a tiny number and not in a character.

I have pushed on github the new file version.

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